Why Black Palm Cockatoo So Expensive with Price

While owning a black palm cockatoo may sound attractive, the cost will make you think twice. However, why is the black palm cockatoo so costly?

Read till the end to find out Black Palm Cockatoo price, Moreover, Black Palm cockatoo lifespan, size, and many more interesting things.

Why Black Palm Cockatoo So Expensive with Price
Black Palm Cockatoo price

Black Palm Cockatoo

The goliath cockatoo is sometimes known as the huge black cockatoo. It is a large smoky-grey or black parrot native to New Guinea, the Aru Islands, and the Cape York Peninsula. It has a huge black beak and red cheek patches that stand out.

Palm cockatoos size is  55–60 cm long (22–24 in) and weighs 910–1,200 g (2.01–2.65 lb).  Although huge races of yellow-tailed black cockatoos and sulfur-crested cockatoos roughly overlap in size. It may be Australia’s largest cockatoo species and parrot. 

It has a high crest and one of the largest bills of any parrot (only the hyacinth macaw has a bigger bill). Palm cockatoos have a powerful beak that allows them to not only consume very hard nuts and seeds. 

But also to break off thick (about 1 in) sticks from living trees for a drumming performance. The male’s beak is larger than the female’s.

Black Palm Cockatoo price

The palm cockatoo has a huge and complex vocal repertoire, which includes various whistles and even a human-sounding “hello” call. Throughout the range of the species, distinct dialects exist.

Anecdotal information suggests that a palm cockatoo in an Australian zoo lived to be 80 or 90 years old. However, the oldest proven individual was 56 years old in London Zoo in 2000.

  The lifespan of domesticated Black palm cockatoos is known, however, the lifespan of wild palm cockatoos is unknown.

The palm cockatoo can be found in New Guinea’s rainforests and woods, as well as Queensland’s Cape York Peninsula. It can still be observed in trees along the highways in Sorong, West Papua, Indonesia.

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Black Palm Cockatoo Price

The cockatoo family includes 21 species and 44 subspecies of parrots. Cockatoos are one of the most popular pet parrots because of their distinctive crests, curved beak, and outgoing personality. As a result, you might be asking how much a cockatoo costs.

Cockatoos range in price from $2,000 to $4,000. Because many cockatoos are rare and endangered in the wild, they are costly. A cockatoo can cost anywhere from $80 for a cockatiel to $40,000 for a red-tailed black cockatoo. 

A spacious cage, food, toys, perches, and vet care/insurance are among the additional costs.

Black Palm Cockatoo price

Before you get a cockatoo, keep in mind that they require a lot of care and attention, as well as a lot of time out of the cage. They also have a lot of vocalization, therefore they’re not good in apartments. There are quieter parrots available for purchase.

If you want to own a cockatoo, you’ll want to know how much they cost. Cockatie prices vary depending on the type of cockatoo you choose as a pet, however, the average cost is determined by:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Genetics
  • Hereditary diseases
  • Breeder’s reputation
  • Unique marks or features

Because they’ve been trained and socialized, older cockatoos are more expensive. Many of them also converse, making them more appealing as pets. 

While a baby cockatoo’s pricing is lesser due to their lack of training and socializing abilities, adopting a young cockatoo helps you to form a stronger attachment with your pet.

Why are palm cockatoos so expensive?

Here’s why the royal birds are so exorbitantly expensive.

It’s a rare species

Black palm cockatoos are an extremely rare bird species. Because they have been hunted for sport and sale for many years, their population is on the decline.

This indicates that their supply significantly outnumbers their demand. It’s just basic economics: when something is in short supply, the price rises.

The palm cockatoo is becoming increasingly rare in the wild. It may be an endangered species.

Black Palm Cockatoo price

The majority of available birds are currently primarily used for breeding. As a result, you won’t be able to go out and find one on your own, which is why it’s so expensive.

Costs of maintenance

The black palm cockatoo is a bird that requires a lot of attention. Before you even think about food, the initial start-up costs might easily exceed $200,000.

Because of its size (it’s the largest of the cockatoos), the palm cockatoo consumes a lot and is particular about what it eats. Not to mention the drug costs, which might be in the thousands of dollars.

Because the birds are more susceptible before they reach young adulthood, they require regular medical attention from an early age.

All of these expenses usually imply that breeders spend a significant amount of money before selling their birds.

Black Palm Cockatoo price

The expense of keeping the birds will be included in the ultimate price charged by sellers, especially if you are purchasing from a breeder looking to make a profit.

If you buy from a regular person who is attempting to find the bird a new home. They will still want a higher price to recover some of their investment.

They are slow to reproduce

When it comes to breeding, black palm cockatoos are slow. They don’t lay a lot of eggs, usually only one every year or every two years.

It takes roughly a month for the eggs to hatch, and 100 to 110 days for the fledglings to grow. Because of the poor rate of reproduction, just a few new palm cockatoos are born each year.

And, as the number of wild species declines, the supply of these species stays limited, driving up prices.


Palm cockatoos have a lengthy life expectancy. They can live up to 60 years on average. According to some studies, they can live for more than 90 years.

Their high cost is due to their long lifespan. Purchasing a palm cockatoo is usually a long-term investment, given how long these birds live.

Investing emotionally

If you’re thinking about getting a Black palm cockatoo, be prepared to spend a lot of cash. However, in addition to the high financial commitment, you will make a significant emotional investment.

You must spend at least two hours outside the cage with your bird before returning for the rest of the day (palm cockatoos have major separation anxiety).

On the plus side, you’ll make a wonderful companion who will never abandon you.

Black Palm Cockatoo price

Furthermore, black palm cockatoos have been seen to have advanced syllable grasp and are exceptionally clever birds, making them excellent conversation companions.

Where can I purchase a black palm cockatoo for a lower price?

As we previously stated, buying a cheap cockatoo should be avoided. However, you might be able to find a bird in need of a home if you browse around local animal rescue facilities.

Before you bring the bird home, remember to conduct a lot of studies and get all of the necessary supplies. Also, be prepared for a long and difficult time of adjustment before the bird settles in.

If you’re new to birds, a less demanding cockatoo breed is a good place to start.

Black Palm Cockatoo price

So, The truth is that the Black Palm Cockatoo is not a cheap bird. It’s exotic and highly prized. They are extremely expensive to obtain due to their brilliance, lively nature, and acute scarcity.

Black palm cockatoos are extremely costly birds, costing over $16,000 to purchase. Not to mention the significant costs of upkeep that owning one implies. They will also cost you a significant amount of emotional and time investment.

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