How to Tell How Old a Baby Rabbit Is? 8 ways to know

How Old a Baby Rabbit is? Do you want to know how old a bunny that you bought at the store is? Or did you caught one in the wild? Before you adopt a wild rabbit, double-check that they are separated from their mother. She is occasionally seen nearby, taking a little rest.

How to Tell How Old a Baby Rabbit Is? Age, Size, and Weight
How Old a Baby Rabbit Is?

Newborn rabbits weigh 1-1.5 ounces, and newborn rabbits at 2-3 weeks weigh just 3-5 ounces. Until they reach the age of three weeks, baby rabbits remain deaf and blind. This is a symptom of their advanced age. Newborn rabbits are likewise born without fur, which does not begin to grow until the second or third week.

Female rabbits, commonly known as “does,” can produce many litters in a single season, each containing 3-6 rabbits (also known as “kittens”). Baby rabbits have no fur at all when they are born. As they grow older, they gain fur, eyesight, hearing, upright ears, and other characteristics.

How Old a Baby Rabbit Is?

Baby bunnies normally begin to wean after a few weeks, and after three weeks, they will be hopping around outside of their nest on their own (although they may not be completely self-sufficient for another week or so).

If you’re wondering how to tell how old a baby rabbit is, consider the following:

1. To find out how old your baby rabbit is, weigh them.

You can get a baby rabbit weighed at the vet if you adopt one from a store or otherwise. A visit to the veterinarian is strongly advised, as they will be able to determine whether everything with your delicate young rabbit is in order.

You can weigh a baby rabbit by yourself at home if necessary. Rabbits weigh between 1 and 12 ounces when they are born… Although, with infant bunnies, you won’t need a scale to tell if they’re little and young.

How Old a Baby Rabbit Is?

Baby rabbits weigh between 3 and 5 ounces at 2-3 weeks of age. This is usually when they start exploring outside of their nest. They’ll have the appearance of adult rabbits, but they’ll be much smaller (no larger than a chipmunk or gerbil).

2. At week two, baby rabbits will begin to show an interest in solid food.

Baby rabbits nurse for around two weeks, and it takes that long for them to show any interest in grass, greens, or other food. This can be a good predictor of their age. Is your newborn rabbit showing signs of wanting to eat solid food? Your young rabbit will need to be bottle-fed until they are fully weaned, which usually happens at 8 months.

3. Rabbits are born deaf and blind.

Did you know that baby bunnies are born deaf and blind? They can’t use their big ol’ ears to hear till they’re 3 weeks old.

When a young rabbit’s eyelids are closed, they’re likely just 10 days old – or less! If it is necessary to adopt them (their mother is no longer available), they will require intensive care to survive (bottle feeding, a blanket, a vet visit, etc.).

4. Take a look at the fur of the baby rabbit.

Rabbits do not have any fur when they are born. Their initial coat takes a few weeks to fully develop. This means that if a newborn rabbit’s fur is thin or downy, they are most likely only a few weeks old! Is it possible that their mother is nearby? If not, a rescue might be necessary.

5. Are the eyes of the baby rabbit open?

Baby rabbits are born blind and do not open their eyes until they are about 5 days to a week old. Have you checked to see if your newborn rabbit’s eyes are open? Then you know they’re at least a week old!

6. Examine the Ears of Your Baby Rabbit

During the first week of life, baby rabbits have closed ears. This indicates that you have an infant bunny, and if they have lost their mother, you must treat them with extreme caution – and take them to the clinic immediately away – if you want them to survive. Baby rabbit ears are usually floppy until they are about 9 to 2 weeks old when they stand up and become stronger.

7. When Baby Rabbits Leave the Nest, How Old Are They?

It’s a safe bet that if you see a newborn rabbit walking outside of its nest, it’s at least 3 weeks old. They rarely go out on their own when they’re younger than this (however, there are exceptions). Baby rabbits are around the size of a gerbil or a chipmunk when they are three weeks old. If you find a completely furred rabbit with erect ears and the ability to hop, they should be able to survive on their own.

8. Make Sure to Visit the Vet for Your Delicate Baby Rabbit

Baby Rabit

Rabbits under the age of ten days have a slim chance of surviving if they are separated from their mother. Any baby rabbit, regardless of age, should see a veterinarian right away. A nursing newborn rabbit will need to be fed goat milk or Kitten Milk Replacer via bottle or dropper. They’ll need to be fed frequently, kept warm, and looked for by someone reliable and attentive.

Last Thoughts – How Old a Baby Rabbit Is?

What is the one thing that all newborn bunnies have in common? They’re very cute! Learn how to tell how old a newborn bunny is for entertainment and to determine when a rescue is necessary.

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