7 Pets That Don’t Smell

Having a pet has numerous advantages that improve one’s quality of life. They care for us and give us something to adore in return. However, any species you call your own can have some drawbacks. These drawbacks include the cost of ownership and maintenance. As well as the amount of time they take on a … Read more

Why Black Palm Cockatoo So Expensive with Price

While owning a black palm cockatoo may sound attractive, the cost will make you think twice. However, why is the black palm cockatoo so costly? Read till the end to find out Black Palm Cockatoo price, Moreover, Black Palm cockatoo lifespan, size, and many more interesting things. Black Palm Cockatoo The goliath cockatoo is sometimes known … Read more

How long do lovebirds live?

You might be curious about the lifespan of a lovebird (genus Agapornis) if you recently acquired one or are considering adding one to your family. What is the average lifespan of a lovebird? How long will you be able to enjoy your feathered companion’s company? The genus Agapornis, a tiny group of parrots in the … Read more

What Is The Average Lifespan of a Budgie?

The lifespan of a Budgie.The budgie (parakeet) is commonly referred to as a “starter bird,”. But this gregarious, extroverted tiny bird demands just as much care and attention as larger parrots. Budgies are fun to be around, love to eat, and can talk as well as any parrot. The budgerigar is also known as the … Read more

10 Most colorful Parrots species

Parrots, also known as psittacines. They are tropical and subtropical birds. There are around 398 species in 92 genera that make up the order Psittaciformes. One-third of all parrot species are threatened with extinction, and parrots have the highest overall extinction risk of any bird group (IUCN Red List Index). Parrots are found throughout the world, with … Read more

Top 10 Most Expensive Pet Birds you can have in your home

Animals such as birds, lions, cats, and dogs can be found all over the world. Birds are a stunningly attractive species that are among the most popular pets. Birds come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, and they are all quite lovely.  Birds come in a variety of costs, with some being inexpensive … Read more

Types of Lovebirds | 9 Amazing Lovebird Species

Lovebird is the usual name for the Agapornis. Lovebird means a tiny group of parrots in the Old World parrot family Psittaculidae. Eight of the nine species in the genus are native to Africa, with the grey-headed lovebird hailing from Madagascar.   Lovebirds feed on fruit, vegetables, grasses, and seeds and reside in tiny flocks. Insects … Read more

Are Parakeets Loud? Parrakeet Sounds and Meanings

Are Parakeets Loud? A parakeet is any of several tiny to medium-sized parrot species from various genera with long tail feathers. Paroquet or paraquet are two older spellings that are still used occasionally. The budgerigar is commonly referred to as a parakeet in American English. The budgerigar is a parakeet species. The word perroquet comes … Read more

Can you have Raven as a Pet? 7 Things to Consider

Raven as a Pet? You heard it right! Crows have a mixed reputation, with some embracing their gothic and pagan associations and others fearing them as a result of horror literature and films presenting them as evil omens and sinister birds. Regardless of your feelings towards ravens, you’ve probably wondered if you can genuinely get … Read more

How Long Do Parakeets Live as Pets? Age Calculator & Aging Signs

Parakeets, which were first recorded in 1805, are now among the most popular pet birds in the world, thanks to their small size, low maintenance requirements, and flawless imitation abilities. Did you know that parakeets aren’t just one breed? These thin birds with tapering tails come in 115 different species. It’s difficult to estimate a … Read more